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My mission with Cole Partnerships and Training is performance driven.  Coming from the military where firearms manipulation and marksmanship were taught out of a doctrine manual for the lowest common denominator, to the competition field where winning or losing can be decided by a tenth of a second, I have seen a needs in the community to continue focusing on becoming a better performer.  To me, that means increasing proficiency with firearms manipulation as well as a hard look at marksmanship fundamentals, and applying both when using a firearm.  These two areas can directly relate to either the Tactical side of shooting or the Competitive side of shooting as they are the foundation of how one will perform when their time comes to use their firearm.  Being able to perform firearms manipulation at a subconscious level through visual recognition or through feel gives one the ability to process what is going on in front of them and make crucial decisions easier than if they had to also process what is going on with their firearm.  While this may sound difficult and time consuming, we as legally armed citizens have an obligation to be responsible with our firearms, as well as to be well trained in their use…….that also means honing ourselves and our minds as a firearm is simply a tool. 

 Besides open enrollment classes, CPT may be contacted for private lessons or closed courses for groups.



**Hybrid update 1-02-2015 - New springs have been performing perfectly!  I'm currently waiting on price quotes from the manufacturers of the springs and the other components for the first proto runs of the complete kit!


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